Breaking Boundaries of Balayage

There are many options for hair painting and balayaged hair when it comes to the outcome and look of the finished style. With all of my services I prefer when my clients can show me a few pictures of hair that they love and a few pictures that they are not fond of. This enables me to have a visual of exactly what look my client is trying to achieve. 

When it comes to balayage, traditionally, it is a softer, hand painted highlight that comes to a point of full saturation towards the end of the hair. This creates a more natural look with longevity for the client. I do have clients that are full blondes who receive balayage, but I always thoroughly explain the process to my clients who are new to the technique, especially if transitioning from foil highlights, to ensure they understand the difference in depth both techniques will create towards the root area.

Figuring out whether my client wants a subtle, more natural look, a stronger and brighter contrast, or a more overall highlighted look will determine how heavy handed I should be with my painting process. I also love creating looks with unnatural colors and balayage. Gone are the days of requiring to do and single process to have mermaid hair! 

Using this technique is also my favorite way to introduce clients to color who may not have colored their hair before. Being an open air technique, it is a much gentler process on the hair and can be done with much control. It can even be done with traditional hair color for an even more subtle and gentle effect. Although there is a specific technique to creating balayaged hair, every stylist is an individual, and this is where the creativity comes in. Balayage is definitely my favorite creative and fun way to add some dimension to the hair.